[erlang-questions] Edge computing for Erlang?

Bob Ippolito bob@REDACTED
Fri Dec 8 04:24:44 CET 2006

Is anyone aware of any ISPs that support (or could be used for) edge
computing with Erlang? Edge computing is where you have geographically
disparate servers, so that you can get lower latency and higher
reliability by reducing the number of networks a given request has to
travel over. In this case we're dealing with just HTTP.

Right now all of our servers that provide dynamic content live in one
place in San Francisco, and we're looking to fix that. Preferably I'd
like to at least deal with just one company, instead of having deals
with N different ISPs/hosting facilities all over the world and having
to figure out AnyCast or geographic DNS based routing ourselves.

The only service I've found so far is Akamai's, but they only support
Java. I definitely do not want to rewrite the Erlang code in Java, so
that's not really an option.


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