[erlang-questions] Command line and quotes

Pupeno pupeno@REDACTED
Tue Dec 5 16:03:18 CET 2006

I have a script that starts and stops my Erlang application fanterlasticfour, 
the command to start is (in bash):

 "$RUN_ERL -daemon $PIPEDIR/ $LOGDIR/ \"$ERL -sname $NAME -boot 
fanterlasticfour -config /usr/local/etc//fanterlasticfour/fanterlasticfour\""

and the command to stop is:

 "$ERL_CALL -sname $NAME -a \"init stop\""

Before running them, when in verbose mode, I echo them and I see:

run_erl -daemon /usr/local/var/tmp/fanterlasticfour/ /usr/local/var/log/fanterlasticfour/ "erl -sname 
fanterlasticfour -boot 
fanterlasticfour -config /usr/local/etc//fanterlasticfour/fanterlasticfour"


erl_call -sname fanterlasticfour -a "init stop"

Both fail.
The first one fail silently but in the logs I see:

===== LOGGING STARTED Tue Dec  5 14:56:59 GMT 2006
-sname: 1: Syntax error: Unterminated quoted string

and the second fails with:

Illegal argument 'stop"'.

Any ideas what's going on here ?
Thank you.
Pupeno <pupeno@REDACTED> (http://pupeno.com)
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