[erlang-questions] edoc questions

Richard Carlsson richardc@REDACTED
Mon Dec 4 16:25:11 CET 2006

Fredrik Thulin wrote:
> Can you please be more specific? At the linked page, I found functions 
> with edoc specifications like this one :
>    %@spec
>    % go_b() -> {ok, Response}
> However, none of them seems to include a textual explanation of Response.

Currently, the way to do this is to put a sentence in the @doc part,

   %% @doc ... `Dst' is the destination for this client transaction. ...

I have been considering adding separate tags for giving individual
parameter descriptions, but alas, I have not had any time to implement
it. Note, btw., that the `...' syntax will expand to <code>...</code>.


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