[erlang-questions] Exporting UTF-8 strings from xmerl

Mikkel Jensen dirtyundies@REDACTED
Sun Dec 3 20:17:17 CET 2006

I'm trying to write a webapplication which needs to be able to accept
and return UTF-8 encoded XML.

So far I've succeeded in parsing the received XML using xmerl, but I
can't seem to export it again.

The XML content is correctly transformed into a list of unicode
codepoints (e.x. [1488] is the "aleph" character)
but these high integer values are not converted back when exporting,
causing Yaws to crash :(

1> Xml = {xmlElement,doc,
xmerl:export([{xmlDecl, "1.0", "UTF-8", yes, []}, Xml], xmerl_xml).
["<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>",[[["<","doc",">"],[[1488]],["</","doc",">"]]]]

I guess I'm missing some minor but important thing, but what???

- Mikkel

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