[erlang-questions] Sandbox for Erlang emulator

Ulf Wiger ulf@REDACTED
Sun Dec 3 17:03:55 CET 2006

Den 2006-12-03 16:58:51 skrev Kirill Zaborski <qrilka@REDACTED>:

> The idea is to make some public webserver "Erlang Playground"  where  
> anybody
> can run Erlang code without crashing the system (i.e. limited or maybe no
> file acces at all, no access to "system" erlang functions which can make
> emulator unstable). So VMWare and file acces rights are not the right  
> ways
> because some source code "filtering" should be done. So I'll check what
> could be done in Erlhive.

That sounds like pretty much the thing that erlhive was intended for.
You'll find a mailing list at http://erlhive.sourceforge.net/
That would be a good place to continue the discussion.

Don't be deterred by the poor documentation. Just ask away on the
mailing list (the erlhive mailing list, that is. :)

Ulf W
Ulf Wiger

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