[erlang-questions] otp_src_R11B-2 build hangs on cygwin under Win2k

Eduardo Bernal bigproper@REDACTED
Sat Dec 2 05:19:46 CET 2006

./configure completes without error, seemingly finding all that it needs.
make hangs during something that looks like a bootstrapping step, after
working on the openssl lib. Make's output messages are pretty long by that
step, and I should probably also let you know the contents of cygcheck -v,
to better give a sense of the build environment, but that, too is hundreds
of lines.

It hangs while running erl or whatever is built to that point, because when
I control-C, I get the erl menu. Any tips to help me suss this out on my

This same version built and runs happily on another computer of mine under
cygwin from April , 2005. The version it hangs on is from this November,

Thanks for you time.

Ed Bernal

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