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Joe Armstrong (TN/EAB) joe.armstrong@REDACTED
Thu Aug 31 13:55:05 CEST 2006

Just thinking out aloud

IHMO a decent mailing list system would have the following properties

- It could be accessed via a "forum" OR a majordomo type interface
- Google (whatever) should be able to reference it
- Each posting should have a uniquely generated reference
  so that it can be referred to later
- Given the reference it should be possible to find the mailing
- It should support some kind of channel concept
  ie it should be possible to subscribe to a particular channel
  (bugs, beginners, ...)
- It should aggregate over existing mail lists
- It should present the user with a logical view of the
  mail lists

Is there such a thing?

If not can't we write a kind of mail sucker that sucks mail from all
know forums and lists and put's them into a data base?

Are there programmatic interfaces to (say) trap-exit etc, so that
a program can craw and index through the mails?

I don't want a web-crawler and indexer, I want a mail crawler and
indexer that only indexes a specific set of sites



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> FYI There already are forums on Trapexit that can be used so 
> all sort of questions. If there is a real need for a "Newbie" 
> Forum I could have a chat with my colleagues and we could 
> probably set one up.
> Imho it would be sad to see the community split using 
> different channels for different things when we have 
> something that connects them all already.
> Trapexit also reads in from the mailing lists (all of them) 
> so you get a (to some people anyway) better overview.
> Would a Newbie section @ trapexit be something useful?
> /Mazen
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