Noob - Getting Started Infinte Loop?

Patrik Winroth winrothpatrik@REDACTED
Thu Aug 31 12:24:13 CEST 2006

>From: Bengt Kleberg <bengt.kleberg@REDACTED>
>To: erlang-questions@REDACTED
>Subject: Re: Noob - Getting Started Infinte Loop?
>Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 11:25:45 +0200
>On 2006-08-31 10:50, ke han wrote:
>>about.  But not putting spaces on either side of a | or a ! is very hard 
>>for a guy like me to read regardless of what erlang thinks ;-).
>if you want to avoid ''hard to read'' you should avoid 
>NamesThatLookLikeThis. Names_that_look_like_this are easier to read(*)

Another reason for the latter is if you have a constant THAT_LOOK_LIKE_THIS 
it is far easier to read then one THATLOOKLIKETHIS.



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