Mnesia dB size limits

ke han ke.han@REDACTED
Wed Aug 30 16:39:17 CEST 2006

On Aug 30, 2006, at 8:55 PM, Damir Horvat wrote:

> Hi!
> I'm planing 50-70 Mbytes stored in mnesia database. I hope
> this is still considered "sane" size? What are the upper limits where
> system can still be called "production quality" in terms of dB speed?

I've built 2 production apps with yaws+mnesia.  My db sizes are in  
the 500MB to 1GB range with no issues.  I've heard others say that  
2-4 GB is reasonable without resorting to tricks...and that the  
theoretical limit is very high if you can master the tricks.

ke han

> Another question. Reading Joe's Robust server (bank server example), I
> found this interesting:
> ...
> [E] ->
>     B = E#account.balance,
> 		{ok, B}
> 	end
> ...
> Why not skip B and send {ok, E#account.balance} in the fist place?
> Thanks, Damir.

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