The Erlang mailing list

Joe Armstrong (TN/EAB) joe.armstrong@REDACTED
Wed Aug 30 11:36:46 CEST 2006

 Once upon a time we started an Erlang mailing list.

 We used majordomo - we said "Let's put everything into one group" - 
if the traffic gets too much we can split the group.

 Then we split the groups.

 To sign up you have to go to then click on FAQs +
mailing lists
then you can read the old archives, or sign up so you get sent the mails
so that you can post to the list.

 This list seems to be exploding - as does traffic to the Erlang blogs.

 Recently there have been large numbers of posts to this list on porting
and beginners questions.

 I think it is time to migrate to a forum and make a finer sub-division
the lists.

 The best alternative seems to be 

 The distribution of traffic at trapexit is very skew

 For example, there is a group Installing Erlang (at trap exit) with 3
but erlang-questions has 5318 posts - which get cross posted from 
this list.

 Seems to me, like it would be a good idea to register with and post to
trap-exit, otherwise this group will disintegrate with the volume of


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