Motorbikes does have problems (was Erlang does have problems)

Joe Armstrong (TN/EAB) joe.armstrong@REDACTED
Wed Aug 30 08:57:01 CEST 2006

Hi Michael,

You're right my Royal Enfield Bullet is an absolute bugger to start.

<< if you're good you can have a try when you come to the Erlang
conferense >>

It also half crippled Mike Williams (one of the Erlang fathers)
who thought he would demonstrate how to kick start a 550 cc single
machine, he used to ride a matchless so he thought he knew what he was
doing ...  

It took about a year to be able to start it.

Here's the correct technique:

	1) fuel on
	2) full choke
	3) Depress valve lifter and kick slowly six times
	   (to fill the carburettor with gas)
	5) Depress valve lifter
	6) Move kick start to just beyond top dead centre
	7) Release valve lifter
	8) Depress kick start by about 15% until you feel
	   some resistance
	9) Twist gas control by about 20%
	10) Put one foot on kick start, other on ground
	11) Hold *both* handle bars, while, maintaining 9)
	12) Throw yourself into air
	13) Land on kick start, with the "kick from hell"
	    making sure that you "follow through" ie the final resting
	    position of the kick start is when it bumps
          into the foot rest

If you do all of the exactly right - then it will start on the fist

Now this technique took about a year to learn.

By comparison installing and starting PHP, Apache and Mysql is really

And yaws is much easier


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> Hello Guys,
> You know what ?
> I have heard that motorbikeis are difficult to drive. I even 
> happen to know a Nobel Prize that cannot manage to drive his 
> brand new motorbike. 
> He his now seriously thinking about buy a Lincoln town car 
> with driver.

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