Erlang does have problems

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Despite the Ericsson AXD 301 advocacy there are no high-profile
Erlang deployments that I know about. There should be and we should
all know! That is if we want Erlang to become mainstream. On the
other hand, why bother? 

(end of quote)

What are you talking about ?

I've been working with the Nortel SSL-accelerator (market no.1) and the Nortel SSL-VPN (market no.2) for many years. I'm now working with a 24-7 system
that handles lots of customers and mucho dinero, all around the clock.
All these systems are written in Erlang. And I know of other high-profile systems also written in Erlang. So what are you talking about, I mean really ?

If you want to know, then go and read up on the Erlang proceedings that exist from the EUC and ACm Sigplan workshops.

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