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Would be these system reimplemented in Erlang or other languages if they
have dropped ejabberd?

What's the status of <>?

Is this string-binary problem  a language problem or ejabberd implementation


2006/8/30, Joel Reymont <joelr1@REDACTED>:
> On Aug 29, 2006, at 4:59 PM, Dmitrii Dimandt wrote:
> > And there are both advantages and disadvantages to that, as there
> > always
> > are, but I think, that if Erlang community could focus on the
> > disadvantages... Man, this could be the next killer-language :)
> > (Ruby is
> > slowly filling the void, and C# 3.0 is around the corner, and there
> > is that
> > curious little fellow by the name of Nemerle...)
> Why not Ruby on the Erlang VM?
> Even the "flagship" Erlang apps have their problems. ejabberd uses
> tons of memory because strings are being passed around as lists
> despite being received as binaries from the socket. This is a problem
> on 32-bit systems as it limits the number of users you can host and
> it's a bigger problem on 64-bit systems as words are LARGER.
> The ejabberd developers came up with a fix, they are loading expat (C
> parser) as a driver. They are still using a port per message or per
> connection (don't remember exactly) and blow through the number of
> ports normally configured. Yes, you can up the number of ports but a
> better solution would be to stop using strings and create a shared
> pool of XML parser ports.
> Some high-profile messaging startups are using ejabberd now, although
> they don't advertise it. They are also considering dropping ejabberd
> and either going with a commercial implementation or writing their
> own stuff. I know because I keep in touch with them.
> Despite the Ericsson AXD 301 advocacy there are no high-profile
> Erlang deployments that I know about. There should be and we should
> all know! That is if we want Erlang to become mainstream. On the
> other hand, why bother?
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