Erlang for web-developers

Andrés Valenciano andres-lists@REDACTED
Tue Aug 29 14:44:02 CEST 2006

ke han wrote:
> This does add to the erlang sales pitch problem.

Yes it is a problem, some times when others have used only one tool for
everything for years and before that another tool for everything...they
are difficult people to talk to or persuade to change from their comfort
zone about development.

Most of the things I heard were the same that were thrown to the Rails
guys: pool of people to work with the "technology", "enterprise
standard" for web apps, blah blah blah (well, not one thing about
scalability in this case :) )

> I think the best way to approach this issue is to think of erlang as
> your central command and control center.  You can spawn an external
> process to handle non-erlang tools like full text search, image
> manipulation, SMS gateway, etc...  You can do this cheap and easy by
> just spawning an external process (think of the CGI paradigm) or have
> the extrenal process connect back to an erlang socket server and keep
> the external resource alive (think FCGI).  Once you see how easy it is
> to create ad-hoc erlang socket servers to wrapper external tools, I
> think your fears of not having feature X as a native erlang lib will
> dissipate.

Maybe one thing to do, could be use an Erlang community web site
answering these question, giving examples of how to integrate Erlang
with other tools, just like yours.

Thanks for the answers to my post.


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