5 second Erlang Submission

Gordon Guthrie gordonguthrie@REDACTED
Tue Aug 29 11:28:19 CEST 2006

>  gordonguthrie@REDACTED (Gordon Guthrie) writes:
> |> Erlang was designed by people who build products. All other languages
> were
> |> designed by people who build languages. Do you build products?
> C was designed at Bell Labs, and it first use was in ESS#4
> telephony switches and in UNIX. C is an execllent language for its
> purpose, Erlang is good for it's purpose. I think you could make
> table:
> Algol: Language designers
> Pascal: Teaching
> Lisp: Language desigers
> Ada: Language designers
> C: Product designers
> Simula: People want to simulate things (also object orienters)
> CLU: The mother of true object orientation
> Erlang: Product designers
> C++: Religious object orientation
> Haskel: Language designer
> Mercury: ?
> ML: Language designers
> Probably I've got a lot wrong here :-)

Allow me to rephrase:

All other languages ride in the imperpial triumphal chariot wearing
purple, whilst Erlang is the slave behind them whispering "Respice post
te! Programmem te memento!"

(Look behind you! You are but a programme).


Cue jokes about C-sar and C++sar, Lisp will be the Emperor Claudius, etc,

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