5 second Erlang Submission

Michael Williams mike@REDACTED
Tue Aug 29 08:56:35 CEST 2006

In article <47404.>,
 gordonguthrie@REDACTED (Gordon Guthrie) writes:
|> Erlang was designed by people who build products. All other languages were
|> designed by people who build languages. Do you build products?
|> If it is over 5 secs lose the last sentence...

C was designed at Bell Labs, and it first use was in ESS#4
telephony switches and in UNIX. C is an execllent language for its
purpose, Erlang is good for it's purpose. I think you could make 

Algol: Language designers
Pascal: Teaching
Lisp: Language desigers
Ada: Language designers
C: Product designers
Simula: People want to simulate things (also object orienters)
CLU: The mother of true object orientation
Erlang: Product designers
C++: Religious object orientation
Haskel: Language designer
Mercury: ?
ML: Language designers

Probably I've got a lot wrong here :-)


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