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Guest wrote:
Pupeno wrote:
> On Saturday 26 August 2006 23:33, you wrote:
>> just yet! till I finish my
>> exams!
> BTW, good luck with your exams! and have a nice time learning Erlang.
Thanks! I surely need that good luck :).

About the IRC channel... It could be a good idea to have one in Spainsh, 
though I'm afraid we'll be the only two people there. but, who knows, it 
could very pretty useful in some near future.

I don't know if there's an official or not so official Erlang channel. 
If you want we could create erlang-es on Freenode. I know some people I 
think could help with that.
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Why an IRC channel? Just use the Multi-User Chat component of an ejabberd deployment and so take advantage of Erlang code  8)

And if you really can't drop your obsolete IRC client for a Jabber client with full MUC support (Psi is one of these clients that only supports the old protocol and not the new, more powerfull, but compatible Multi-User Chat protocol), you always can write some module for ejabberd for IRC client support. So that you can connect to ejabberd and the Multi-User Chat channels on it, with any IRC client. :-)
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