Erlang downsides?

Jacobo G. Polavieja jacobopolavieja@REDACTED
Sun Aug 27 17:32:18 CEST 2006

Hi all!

	As a future (as soon as possible) Erlang starter, I've been reading a
lot on Erlang's benefits: concurrency, fault tolerant, hot code
swapping, distribution, highly-available, and even fun (isn't it Yariv ;)).

	What I'm interested now is in knowing those areas where Erlang is
weaker than other languages, cases where other languages are better/more
efficient/more suitable tan Erlang.
I'd like to separate these into two categories:

1. Where Erlang is not "naturally suited" for that
For example, I've read ejabberd uses C in some parts, not because it was
hard or impossible to program that in Erlang, but because C is pretty
more powerful than Erlang in such tasks.

2. Where Erlang has no "technical downside" but hasn't been used in that
area for whatever reason.
A example of this (as I've understood from Yariv's blog) would be web
applications. They are mostly written using Ruby On Rails, PHP, ASP,
Java... but it seems to be an area where Erlang could fit also very well
and even better than the stablished frameworks.

Also if anyone is kind enough to address possible solutions of any of
the "problems" it will result in a very productive list, I think, to
enhance Erlang applications.

Any concept, links, doc... is greatly appreciated.


- Cobo -

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