[ANN][Article] Erlang, the language for network programming - Issue 1: pattern matching

Jacobo G. Polavieja jacobopolavieja@REDACTED
Sun Aug 27 01:33:02 CEST 2006

Pupeno wrote:
> Hello,
> I have started writing a series of articles in which I show why Erlang is good 
> for network programming. I have published the first one "Erlang, the language 
> for network programming - Issue 1: pattern matching" which is about pattern 
> matching (the articles are targeted at non-erlangers, 
> non-functional-programmers).
> The URL is: 
> http://pupeno.com/blog-en/erlang-the-language-for-network-programming-issue-1-pattern-matching/
> Enjoy!
I've just read it and, as a non Erlang (just yet! till I finish my 
exams!), I have to say... THANKS.
Pretty clarifying article for newcomers like me. I haven't started 
learning Erlang, but at least this so detailed explanations makes one 
feel anxious to know more about it.

I'll be following if you continue writing. I haven't vote the article 
though, just because I don't have an account in none of the sites.

Also, have you thought on adding your blog to planet erlang?

Thanks for the effort, and good luck with future articles.


P.D: Also pleased to know there's some Spanish coder round here :).

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