Format for our tutorials

Logan, Martin Martin.Logan@REDACTED
Fri Aug 25 18:35:37 CEST 2006

It would also be nice to display the author information in all HowTo 
tutorials imported to 
from the old site.  This information is embedded in the XML

files, but not currently displayed in the HTML pages.


 I had the same thought.  We need to give credit where credit is due and
it should be part of the documentation format.  The folks at trap exit
agree as well.  

It seems that most people do not want their tutorials rewritten by other
people.  I understand that.  I think that people would probably be
likely to submit their tutorials to a formal review and edtiting process
but averse to an informal "anyone can edit my work for any reason" sort
of thing. 

So, since we don't have a formal process and such a thing seems
unrealistic currently it looks like we will have to rely on people
taking the time to format and submit their own tutorials to the main
repository (trap exit?), where they will be posted with the authors name
in large bold blinking font at the top :-)

As far as format is concerned it looks like the trap exit format is the
most popular, and I for one think that trap exit ought to be the main
repository for all of these tutorials for a couple of reasons; 1. they
are stable and funded i.e they are not going away. 2. They are popular
and accepted within our community.  I have communicated with the folks
at trap exit are more than happy to be the host for all of our
tutorials.  They have also agreed to allow mirroring of the tutorials
portion of the site.

Does anyone have a problem with trap exit being the main site for all
erlang tutorials with anyone wanting to mirror being free to do so? 


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