Learn Erlang in 5 seconds - competition - win a prize

Marc van Woerkom marc.vanwoerkom@REDACTED
Thu Aug 24 14:01:50 CEST 2006

>  I have been asked to hold a talk at a Smalltalk conference <gulp>
That happens. Here is a nice example:

  Side note: When I approached the FreeBSD booth, my first question was,
  "So, what's FreeBSD doing here at LinuxWorld?" Without losing a beat,
  the FreeBSD guy responded, "Actually, in an alternate universe, I'm
  attending BSDWorld and there's one Linux booth. However, my transporter
  malfunctioned 'cause it was running Linux, and so here I am."
  Best nerd one-liner I've heard at the show.

>  So I have to convince a conference room full of Smalltalkers to become
>  "To make a fault-tolerant system you need two computers because if you
> only have one and it 
>   crashes you're sunk so you'd better use Erlang cos all other languages
> suck."
>  Which I can just about say in 5 seconds.
>  So now comes the challenge.
>  Can you suggest alternative/better course material.
10s: In the above sense:


  Welcome to the mirror universe!  
  No OOP. No UML. Easy concurrency. Easy distribution.


   Objects 3.0: Lightweight processes + easy distribution = Erlang


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