Learn Erlang in 5 seconds - competition - win a prize

Joe Armstrong (TN/EAB) joe.armstrong@REDACTED
Thu Aug 24 09:30:02 CEST 2006

 Hi Guys,

 I have been asked to hold a talk at a Smalltalk conference <gulp>

 So I have to convince a conference room full of Smalltalkers to become

 As part of the lecture I have promised to hold a "5 second Erlang

 I need help and suggestions in preparing this course.

 My first attempt was

 "To make a fault-tolerant system you need two computers because if you
only have one and it 
  crashes you're sunk so you'd better use Erlang cos all other languages

 Which I can just about say in 5 seconds.

 So now comes the challenge.

 Can you suggest alternative/better course material.

 I'd like you to send me your course suggestions, in both the 5 and 10
second category.

  < the 10 second category is wide open >

 A prize will be awarded at the next Erlang conference to the winner

 The judges for this competition are

	- Joe Armstrong
	- Hans Nilsson
	- Ulf Wiger

 The judges decision will be arrived at by a undefined voting procedure,
and is final.


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