Smerl breakthough: metacurrying

Yariv Sadan yarivvv@REDACTED
Sat Aug 19 15:00:39 CEST 2006


I added a new capability to Smerl, allowing you to curry parameters
for function forms in runtime, finally freeing us from having to know
the Erlang abstract form!

Quick example:

C1 = smerl:new(foo),
{ok, C2} = smerl:add_func(C1, "add(A,B) -> A+B.").
{ok, C3} = smerl:curry_add(C1, add, 2, 5),
{ok, C4} = smerl:curry_add(C3, add, 2, [3,2]),
7 = smerl:add(6,1),
8 = smerl:add(3),
5 = smerl:add().

Get the latest verion of smerl at

The full story is here



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