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I have gotten a few responses with some good ideas.  I think that this
can be a community effort and still get done quickly and completely.
Here are the steps I think would be best for getting this accomplished -


1.	Send to the list, this thread, any and all links to tutorials
that exist
2.	When the posting slows down I will extract a list of links from
the thread and someone from trap exit or the erlang wiki can take the
time to put them on the website.
3.	Start a new thread on suggestions, and hopefully examples, for
the layout and structure of the tutorials - I like the format from trap
exit and I also like the erlang docs site. 
4.	Use the wiki to allow people to sign up for tutorials to format
- I will volunteer right now to do many of them.
5.	Post the final copies on erlang websites all over the net, but
have a versioned master copy somewhere for easy updating.  


Thoughts, comments...?






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All, I would like to collect and format all the existing tutorials for
erlang/otp.  I would like anyone that has written a tutorial about
anything to please forward it to me or the list.  I am going to endeavor
to format them, perhaps copy the style of the erlang docs, but I am not
positive, and then make them available.  I will credit the authors of
course.  I think it would be helpful for new people coming to the
language to have a nice compendium of tutorials.  You can forward me the
tutorials in any form and I will do the work to get them all formatted
nicely and then email the collection, as a pdf, back out as well as make
it available on the web.  




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