Patently I'm confused

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This brings back some nice memories!

It looks to me as this patent more or less sums up the findings of the
ACS/Dunder research project.
ACS/Dunder was one of the milestones in Erlangs early history.
The roots of OTP can be found in the BOS (Basic OS) that was developed
for ACS/Dunder.

Another nice thing that came out of this project was ASU (Application
Support System).
That is something I really miss in OTP. I suppose that the generic
behaviours and the message passing
may have been partly inspired by ASU, but I don't know that any of it
actually found its way into OTP.
It may have been that ASU was developed locally at EBC? 

I used ASU + BOS in the Mobility Server I project, the first commercial
product developed in Erlang.
Later in Mobility Server II we used ASU + OTP. The protocol layers used
only OTP, but for the application
layers ASU proved invaluable.
It contained wonderful things like the generic feature agent with the
interpose point mechanism.
(There are probably technical descriptions available somewhere out
Great stuff. I would definitely use it for application development if it
wasn't for the legal aspects. 

Does anyone know who actually owns the rights? It may have been part of
the deal when Ericsson sold
the Mobility Server to Ascom a few years ago, but I'm not sure.

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> even remotely 
> > similar to Erlang/OTP, but that can't be right, surely.
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> > Does anyone know what the heck that patent is about, and to what 
> > degree Erlang/OTP is affected by it?
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> If I recall correctly, when erlang went opensource, /// 
> renounced all rights to any patents part of the OTP release. 
> This included two of my mnesia related patents (no links)
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