Trap Exit (was Re: is there /dev/null process in Erlang ?)

Joe Armstrong (TN/EAB) joe.armstrong@REDACTED
Mon Aug 14 17:04:28 CEST 2006

Re: documentation.

Status: I am working on a system to replace (I hope) the old SGML

The steps involved are:

	1) Convert all sgml documentation to wiki format
	2) Write server to render wiki text, allowing
	   - user annotations
	   - versioning
	   - author modifications
	   - multiple output formats (HTML, PDF, ...) 
      3) Run internally for a while to
         see if it works
	4) Deploy on a public server

I'm almost at point 3)

All of this is subject to one horrendous constraint.

a) *I don't want to break the existing documentation*

There are thousands of SGML files to be converted - representing dozens
possible hundreds of man-years of work.

I want to make the change ONCE and get it right - this is why we do
not wish to release the documentation sources - I want to discourage
mutations of documentation sources.

b) I want a pure erlang-tool chain to process the documentation

The existing tool chain involves an SGL parser LaTeX etc. and is 
difficult to install and maintain.



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> > Joe is working on a erlang-docs-to-wiki project, but it won't be 
> > mediawiki. It will of course be something much better. ;-)
> Kudos to him, though I honestly wouldn't mind using a 
> solution that is globally available Right Now :-) And which 
> is also hosted, and maintained, indefinitely of course.
> My sources (Jocke, that is, one of the original
> authors) tell me that the pre-publication format of the 
> Erlang docs should be fairly straightforward to translate, by 
> the way. If these sources were made available, Ericsson could 
> reap the rewards of busy open sourcers working for free. Nice, huh?
> Best,
> Thomas
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