Experimental new layout style for EDoc.

Serge Aleynikov serge@REDACTED
Mon Aug 14 14:32:38 CEST 2006

Ok. Then I'd like to throw in this suggestion.

Currently EDOC only allows to include *one* custom documentation file 
"overview.edoc" whose content is not derived from the application 
modules.  It would be nice to be able to provide a list of such files 
that may include:

- User Guide
- Configuration Guide

In this case the left-side menu frame could be broken into the following 
parts (somewhat similarly to how Erlang/OTP documentation is organized):

- Top level section with links to the "overview" and other supplementary 
- Module menu
- Package list/menu (if packages are defined)



P.S. IMHO, having the overview link on the left side is a bit more 
convenient, as it doesn't require the user to scroll the right panel all 
the way to the top/bottom in order to see that link.

Richard Carlsson wrote:
> Serge Aleynikov wrote:
>> I'd like to make a suggestion to apply the patch I sent you in
>> Oct 2005 that creates a menu link to the overview page as the
>> first menu entry on the left panel.
> I did, sort of, but I thought the link should belong to the
> navigation bar, and not to the list-of-modules frame.
>     /Richard

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