Commercial Mac IDE

Ryan Rawson ryanobjc@REDACTED
Sat Aug 12 09:16:04 CEST 2006

Ah yes, I totally forgot.

If you are developing for OS X - why not extend Xcode?!  You just
missed WWDC so your timing is very very early, since you will want
good access to the xcode kids, but I guess mailing lists would work
almost as well.

Why drag in the baggage of Eclipse, or force people to cry Lisp over
Emacs, and why not go for the primary method to develop Cocoa
applications in OSX?  I've used Xcode and it is pretty nifty and keen.
 I'm sure apple would be pleased to learn about something like this.

Also Cocoa is hands down one of the best UI dev kits.  Prior to .NET I
would say without a doubt it is _the_ best, but now that I hear the
borland dude did .NET maybe there is a competitor now.


On 8/11/06, Joel Reymont <joelr1@REDACTED> wrote:
> On Aug 12, 2006, at 2:07 AM, Yariv Sadan wrote:
> > Maybe the Erlang [Erlide] code can be reused for the Cocoa IDE?
> It's up to Vlad.
> > On this topic, Joel, have you looked at possibly maintaining
> > interoperability with GNUStep for the benefit of Unix/Linux users?
> Nope. I'm positively looking for _less_ work, not more.
> > Also, are there any specific features missing for Erlide that you want
> > to implement in the Cocoa IDE?
> I haven't looked at Erlide yet. My first task is to take care of HiPE
> on Mac Intel. I'm almost done as HiPE now bootstraps itself and
> compiles the erl code. I then need to implement the "precise floating
> point exception" code and then proceed to the Cocoa bindings. I'll
> look at Erlide once I start on the editor.
>         Thanks, Joel
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