Commercial Mac IDE

Yariv Sadan yarivvv@REDACTED
Sat Aug 12 03:07:01 CEST 2006


> This is partly true. The latest Eclipse is much faster and slicker
> than previous versions (that's why I say "partly"). The Eclipse
> runtime is 33M, so not overly huge with today's standards (just as
> large as OTP). Of course, if you want the whole SDK (for developing
> erlide, not just using it), it becomes 100M...

IMO, it doesn't matter how big the download is. I mostly care about
speed and features. Eclipse used to be horribly slow on my G5, but on
my new Intel MacBook it's surprisingly snappy.

I have been using Erlide on the MacBook and it has been overall a
positive experience.

> As it is now, all UI stuff is Java, but most of the core functionality
> is in Erlang.

Maybe the Erlang code can be reused for the Cocoa IDE?

> I think it could be a nice app, yes, but I hope I will be forgiven if
> I still prefer a multi-platform IDE :-) Maybe we others will still
> benefit somehow (if your GUI framework will have parts that aren't Mac
> specific!

On this topic, Joel, have you looked at possibly maintaining
interoperability with GNUStep for the benefit of Unix/Linux users?

Also, are there any specific features missing for Erlide that you want
to implement in the Cocoa IDE?


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