Commercial Mac IDE

Douglas Philips dgou@REDACTED
Sat Aug 12 00:49:43 CEST 2006

On 2006 Aug 11, at 10:19 AM, Joel Reymont indited:

> Over 15 people replied to my "Who's on a Mac" poll so far so I  
> thought I would lay my cards on the table...
> I want to build and sell a Mac IDE for Erlang. Elegant, powerful,  
> easy to use. Something I would use myself to build other things I  
> have in mind. So please let me know what you think and hold no  
> punches!

Well, despite the fact that I am a dyed in the keyboard Mac user, I  
am forced to use hideous Microsoft machines at work, and so I really  
don't want to get stuck having to switch my brain back and forth  
between different IDEs.

I agree with the previous messages, Eclipse means too much  
accomodation of Java.

Plus, while I would pay for a nice IDE, I doubt my employer would (We  
already have Visual Stupor for Windows and Eclipse for everything  
else). Big beaucracy cannot be reasoned with. :-(

Anyways, that's my buck two fitty,

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