How would you like to see Trap Exit bridge to the mailing li

Ryan Rawson ryanobjc@REDACTED
Fri Aug 11 20:11:03 CEST 2006

The resender should be threading context aware.  If every time someone
replies from trapexit and it gets a new thread instead of being
incorporated in the previous thread (eg: see how and gmail
does things) then my mailbox is being spammed with relevant but not
contextually relevant replies.  That is my biggest complaint.


On 8/10/06, andreas <andreas@REDACTED> wrote:
> Hi.
> How would you like to see Trap Exit bridge to the mailing list? How do you perceive Trap Exit and how would you like to see Trap Exit evolve?
> Trap Exit has been running since 18 Jul, that is almost one month. We now ask you for some feedback primarily about the bridge between the forum and the mailing list.
> We first bridged the mailing list to the forum with one account for each mailing list.
> This meant that you only had to register at Trap Exit to post on the mailing lists. But as a member of the mailing list the sender was anonymous. We change this after we got response from one of the member in the mailing list.
> Now the forum is bridge to the mailing list through the users registered e-mail address.
> To post from the forum to the mailing list, you now have to first register your e-mail address to the mailing lists before you post to the forum. Or else your post is only visible at the forum.
> From the mailing list's point of view the post is almost as a regular post.
> Which is the best solution for bridging the forum and mailing list together?
> We at Trap Exit are glad that the mailing list is popular. I myself have received fast and quality answers. It is not our intention to replace the mailing list. We want to be an alternative way to communicate within the Erlang community. From the forum be able to browse and read the discussion you find interesting and post answers without hassle.
> We, at Trap Exit would appreciate your feedback, positive or negative.
> Regards,
> Andreas Hillqvist
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