gen_leader's status.

Alex Arnon alex.arnon@REDACTED
Tue Aug 8 21:39:32 CEST 2006

Hi All,

What is gen_leader's current status? Looking through my mailing list
archives, it seems that it was considered to be functioning well if not
thoroughly tested. Can anyone give me a heads-up on this?
gen_leader in fact implements a superset of what I need, so I can actually
get by with a somewhat looser scheme using pg2, I think.
- I need a group of processes (1 per node) of which only one periodically
wakes up and performs cleanup on some mnesia tables.
- It is probably not too bad if occasionally (due to node crashes etc.) more
than one would wake up, as I believe it should be simple to avoid if nodes
are reasonably stable.

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