Mnesia and Oracle

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My advice is to use mnesia if you can.  Joe Armstrong once said
something to the effect of there is no fast system only a system that is
fast enough.  If mnesia is fast enough for you and the data you wish to
store is not many gigabytes and you don't have any extraordinary
security concerns then go with mnesia.  The advantages are many because
it understands native erlang.  It feels like part of the language and by
virtue of this allows you to maintain a greater degree of clarity in
your code.  I have found mnesia to be very efficient and have used it in
large scale gigabyte throughput telecom systems where it performed






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I'm already working with Oracle and Mnesia, and I'd like to hear
experiences of the Erlang community about these databases.

When deciding over Oracle or Mnesia database for an Erlang, or non
Erlang, based real-time system which factors are in favour in one over
the other (performance...?) ?.



thanks, Eduardo




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