raw file write from non-owning thread

Reto Kramer kramer@REDACTED
Mon Aug 7 21:14:21 CEST 2006

I ran into a puzzle writing to a raw file from a process different  
from the one that opened the file (owns it). Below the first  
"raw:run" is without the raw option. Everything is fine. When I add  
the raw option though, the process that opened the file (here the  
shell) receives a message from the port when  the write is performed  
from another process (see flush). Also note that the writing function  
(process) w/2 did not run to completion (the "done writing" string is  
not printed).

Can someone help me understand how I can write to a raw file from a  
process other than the one that opened the file?

- Reto

%% without raw
1> raw:run("test.log").
done writing.

%% with raw
1> raw:run("test.log").
2> flush().
Shell got {#Port<0.96>,{data,[3,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1]}}

-export([run/1, w/2]).
run(Filename) ->
     {ok,H} = file:open(Filename, [append, binary, raw]),
     proc_lib:spawn_link(?MODULE, w, [H, <<1>>]).
w(H, Bin) ->
     file:write(H, Bin),
     io:format("done writing.~n", []).


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