Erlang for desktop applications?

Jeff Wood jeff@REDACTED
Mon Aug 7 00:24:35 CEST 2006

Ryan Rawson wrote:

> Have a look a F# - OCaml on .NET.
> Also check out wings3d - a "desktop appliation" written in Erlang.
> The real problems behind writing a desktop app I think have to do with
> UI and GUI issues.  For example, TK is an ugly UI on any system - and
> its the widly available default UI.
> What I really want is Cocoa bindings.  Maybe I should write that.
> -ryan
> On 8/6/06, Jacobo García de Polavieja Aguilera
> <jacobopolavieja@REDACTED> wrote:
>> Hi everybody:
>> I am new to functional programming (just some very little experience
>> with Lisp). I got interested in functional programming because of the
>> performance related to multiproccessors or multicore systems. And I got
>> interested in Erlang over other FP languages because its fame for easy
>> parallelism management and its performance compared to Haskell or
>> others.
>> But, do you see Erlang suitable for developing future (more than 5 years
>> from now) desktop applications? I know it wasn't designed for this, and
>> that there are very important actions like string functions which are
>> slow in Erlang... but then I also ran into EX11 and similar projects
>> which seem like a little light for my future purpose.
>> Could be erlang efficient with desktop related stuff? If not, could you
>> recommend other functional languages that fit best that objective?
>> I'm looking forward to efficiency on future multicore processors and
>> easy concurrency management.
>> Thanks all.
Actually, I'd love to see a port of wxWindows for Erlang ... it's slots 
& signals methodology should work well with Erlangs comms style.


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