erl_interface weirdness?

Gaspar Chilingarov nm@REDACTED
Mon Aug 7 00:53:48 CEST 2006

Hi all!

I'm making experiments to force vim talk to erlang directly and faced
following problem:

when I have code

  ETERM *top, *termp;
  top = erl_global_whereis(erlang_fd, "zzz", node);
  termp = erl_format("text");
  res = erl_send(erlang_fd, top, termp);

the message normally reaches process, registred on erlang node with the
global:register_name(zzz, Pid)

when I use
  ETERM *termp;
  termp = erl_format("text");
  res = erl_reg_send(erlang_fd, "zzz", termp);

I get success result code in the res, but the message is LOST.
Registered process does not receive it at all.

It this a bug or it is my misunderstanding ?

I'm working with short node names, if it matters.

Gaspar Chilingarov

System Administrator,
Network security consulting

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