Erlang for desktop applications?

Jacobo García de Polavieja Aguilera jacobopolavieja@REDACTED
Sun Aug 6 16:39:46 CEST 2006

Hi everybody:
I am new to functional programming (just some very little experience
with Lisp). I got interested in functional programming because of the
performance related to multiproccessors or multicore systems. And I got
interested in Erlang over other FP languages because its fame for easy
parallelism management and its performance compared to Haskell or
But, do you see Erlang suitable for developing future (more than 5 years
from now) desktop applications? I know it wasn't designed for this, and
that there are very important actions like string functions which are
slow in Erlang... but then I also ran into EX11 and similar projects
which seem like a little light for my future purpose.
Could be erlang efficient with desktop related stuff? If not, could you
recommend other functional languages that fit best that objective?
I'm looking forward to efficiency on future multicore processors and
easy concurrency management.

Thanks all.

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