Simple DB Access

Logan, Martin Martin.Logan@REDACTED
Wed Aug 2 23:46:25 CEST 2006

One thing I learned from jdbc is that you will be bound to the
database of choice
(through things such as vendor specific features and database-side
extension functions) even though you have a database agnostic db

My conclusion, which seems to be close to other ones later in the
thread is that some kind of "edbc" (name as you suggested) application
is made, have it provide a few operations (least common denominator)
via all the different sql databases it knows of. One might want to
implement the sql92 syntax and a unified parametric-name syntax for
prepared statements, just to allow for prepared statements with every
db. SQL-injections are bad and we dont want people to resort to
primitively appending strings together. Such security vulnerability
WILL give erlang a bad rep, however innocent it is.


I don't think that we need to innovate here; in fact I think innovation
could be risky and I can't imagine it will buy us a lot over what is
already out there ala php/pear, ruby, perl, java, etc...  It would be
really nice if the simplest of the popular interfaces was just copied in


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