Simple DB Access

Yariv Sadan yarivvv@REDACTED
Tue Aug 1 14:21:54 CEST 2006

ejabberd actually has the ejabberd_odbc module, which nicely wraps the
MySQL, Postgres and ODBC drivers in a single API (with connection
pooling too IIRC). The ejabberd code is GPL'd though, so mixing it
with non-GPL'd code can be problematic. (The developers may be willing
to make a license exception for that module -- I'm waiting to hear
back from them.)

At any rate, I agree 100%. Erlang should have a generic API for
relational database access with adapters for specific databases.
Whether it's the ejabberd module or something else is less relevant :)


On 8/1/06, Mikael Karlsson <mikael.karlsson@REDACTED> wrote:
> I beleive there are some open source contributions that provide "direct"
> access to mysql and postgresql databases for Erlang.
> It would be nice if they could use the same api, something like jdbc for java
> etc. If they already not are doing this? How about and "edbc" application?
> /Mikael
> Refs:
> tisdag 01 augusti 2006 00:28 skrev Christian S:
> > On 7/31/06, Logan, Martin <Martin.Logan@REDACTED> wrote:
> > > I guess the question would be; who is interested and can dig up these
> > > protocols. The only thing I do know for sure is that this type of tool
> > > would go a long way to making Erlang enterprise integration a reality.
> > > Erlang can be a fantastic middleware platform for corporations.
> >
> > Well, if one cant get a hold of that, then the second option is to make use
> > of the documented c api libraries, and for that to feel safe i would prefer
> > it to be running as a port or a c node. That would of course come with the
> > cost of lower throughput.
> >
> > Would such a beast appeal to those in need of sql access?

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