Erlang Micro Edition.

Christophe Romain chris@REDACTED
Wed Jun 29 19:59:59 CEST 2005


This project sounds good to me.
I tried to port Erlang to the Zaurus platform some times ago.
I had a 6Mb working system with all library needed by my testing 
but is the Zaurus a real embedded system ?

the actuel VM can be more lightweight, but I think a first step should 

1) improve the actual build system to allow easy cross compilation
2) add a configuration stage with a dialog style script to choose:
    -> which library to include (manual library selection)
    -> which profile to choose (minimal, [to be defined....], full)

just have a look at the busybox configuration system, it is IMHO the 
thing we need.
Then, we should be able to add, (but that is probably harder work)

3) using the same dialog style script, select VM functionalities, with 
some Micro Edition special features.

having 1 and 2 is just script work, (maybe a little bit harder for 
cross compilation)
I would be glad to contribute on that.

Alex, do not you think 1 and 2 should be great before creating a more 
lightweight Micro edition ?


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