SNMP MIB Data type - equivalent to Erlang "atom" ?

Sanjaya Vitharana sanjaya@REDACTED
Wed Jun 22 13:22:37 CEST 2005


!!!!!....Can any body help me to sort this out.....!!!!

What is the MIB Data type equivalent to "atom" ?

For Example:

assume that I have a function:
getAtom(get) ->
  {value, anyatom}. %% note that returning value is an atom of "anyatom"
How Should I map it in MIB (What is the Type ?)

          myAtom OBJECT-TYPE
              SYNTAX  ***What is the equivalent data type to put here***    %%I know How to handle INTEGER/DisplayString  (FROM RFC1213-MIB). But atom ???
              ACCESS  read-write
              STATUS  mandatory
              ::= { myObjects 1 }

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