Fwd: bug in docs or in ets:info/1?

Fredrik Thulin ft@REDACTED
Mon Jun 20 10:38:01 CEST 2005


When googling for something unrelated, I stumbled upon an old post of 
mine that I did not remember ever getting an answer for, and the 
problem (if it is a problem) is still there in R10B-5, so I though I'd 
bring it up again.

It seems really odd to me that ets:info/1 returns a tuple containing 
tuples instead of a list of tuples, like the documentation says it 
should. Is this a bug in the documentation or in the code?


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Subject: bug in docs or in ets:info/1?
Date: Tuesday 02 November 2004 07.35
From: Fredrik Thulin <ft@REDACTED>
To: erlang-questions@REDACTED


It seems to me that the documentation of ets:info/1 isn't in sync with
the code, or even more probably the other way around. The R10B-0
documentation says that ets:info/1 returns a list of tuples, when it is
in fact returning a tuple containing a number of tuples. I think a list
of tuples would be more suitable.

Eshell V5.4  (abort with ^G)
1> L = ets:info(inet_cache).
2> is_list(L).
3> is_tuple(L).

Documentation :
>info(Tab) -> [{Item,Value}] | undefined
>Tab = tid() | atom()
>Item, Value - see below
>Returns information about the table Tab as a list of {Item,Value}

The fix in ets.erl seems pretty obvious, but maybe there are concerns
with code that is expecting the current format?



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