auth init check failed: noSuchView

Serge Aleynikov serge@REDACTED
Thu Jun 16 12:44:57 CEST 2005

Try to add the following to your vacm.conf:

{vacmSecurityToGroup, v1,  "all-rights", "all-rights"}.
{vacmSecurityToGroup, v2c, "all-rights", "all-rights"}.

{vacmAccess, "all-rights", "", any, noAuthNoPriv, exact, "internet", 
"internet", "internet"}.

{vacmViewTreeFamily, "internet", [1,3,6,1], included, null}.

and also add this to your community.conf:

{"2", "all-rights", "all-rights", "", ""}.
% |
% +-- This is just some unique ID

When done, start the SNMP agent, and try to do a SET command from a 
manager using "all-rights" as the community name.


Sanjaya Vitharana wrote:
> are you familier with this ..?
> Need some Assistance  ...
> Already I Erlang SNMP done the get,get_next for tables & it works properly
> ....
> but when I try to "SET" some thing ....even ... in variable it gives the
> error
>    auth init check failed: noSuchView (in agent's side ....)
> Sanjaya

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