ESense 1.3 released

Chandrashekhar Mullaparthi chandrashekhar.mullaparthi@REDACTED
Wed Jun 8 10:42:37 CEST 2005

Hi Tamas,

Very useful utility! Thank you.

I've managed to get this working with Emacs on Mac OS X. I've had to  
upgrade Emacs from 21.3 to as the previous version crashes  
when tooltips are used. I got this version of "Carbonised" Emacs from

For some modules in the cosNotification application, the esense.erl  
generate_module/2 function crashes. I modified the code slightly to put  
in some traces. The problem seems to be some funny character in the  
module name. Item number 23 in the list below is not a printable Ascii  
character and that is what seems to be causing problems. I haven't  
spent time finding out the exact cause of this. =  

5> io:format("~s~n",  

The above isn't obvious in the print out below.
Generating index for module  
Module -> {module,"CosNotifyChannelAdmin_­StructuredProxyPushSupplier",
ier) -> ok",
                              "This operation cause the target object to  
close the connection and terminate.",
                              ["StructuredProxyPushSupplier = #objref"],
{function,"resume_connection(StructuredProxyPushSupplier) -> Reply",
                              "If the connection with the target object  
have been suspended this function must be used to resume the  
connection. If no client have been connected or the connection is  
active an exception is raised.",
                              ["StructuredProxyPullConsumer = #objref",
                               "Reply = ok | {'EXCEPTION',  
#'CosNotifyChannelAdmin_ConnectionAlreadyInactive'{}} | {'EXCEPTION',  
{function,"suspend_connection(StructuredProxyPushSupplier) -> Reply",
                              "This operation suspends the connection  
with the target object. If no connection exists or the connection  
already is suspended an exception is raised.",
                              ["StructuredProxyPushSupplier = #objref",
                               "Reply = ok | {'EXCEPTION',  
#'CosNotifyChannelAdmin_ConnectionAlreadyInactive'{}} | {'EXCEPTION',  
  PushConsumer) -> Reply",
                              "This operation connects a  
<CODE>PushConsumer</CODE> to the target object. If a connection already  
exists or the function <CODE>push_structured_event</CODE> is not  
supported by the client object an exception is raised.",
                              ["StructuredProxyPushSupplier = #objref",
                               "PushConsumer = #objref",
                               "Reply = ok | {'EXCEPTION',  
#'CosEventChannelAdmin_AlreadyConnected'{}} | {'EXCEPTION',  
Path ->  
Reason -> {{badmatch,{error,einval}},


On 6 Jun 2005, at 07:28, Tamas Patrovics wrote:

> Changes
> group_id=139206&release_id=332840
> Files
> Homepage
> In the README file there are some basic instructions on running ESense
> with an OTP version earlier than R10B. A motivated user (an AXD
> developer) is preparing a more detailed description of her experiences
> on setting up ESense with OTP R9. When she sends it to me I'll put it
> in the README file.
> /Tamas

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