Using inets http client

Will Newton will@REDACTED
Sun Jun 5 18:38:36 CEST 2005

On Sunday 05 June 2005 05:48, Michael McDaniel wrote:

> Now I also am confused about why this is not working.
> Interestingly, this

Yes, you're right. It's almost as if the function call 
http_wait_with_timeout/2 makes the message go missing or changes the pid 
or... I can't really figure it out. I'm rather new to Erlang and this is well 
beyond my knowledge. :)

> Any help from others about the original code is welcome.

One other question I had: I am assuming my http_wait_with_timeout/2 function 
will have the tail call eliminated by the compiler. Is there some way I can 
test whether this is happening or not or do I have to rely on inspecting the 

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