Erlang REPOS 1.3 beta 1

Mickael Remond <>
Sun Jul 31 09:45:34 CEST 2005


I just wanted to let you know that we have updated the Erlang REPOS 

REPOS stands for Repository of Erlang-Projects.Org Software selection. 
It is a collection of major ready-to-use Erlang software. Erlang REPOS 
is distributed as a CDROM image (ISO). You can use every program 
included in the REPOS environment either directly from the CDROM, from 
your hard drive, or from a USB key.

This version is a major improvement over the 1.1 release:

     * Repos 1.3 is now based on Erlang/OTP R10B-6.
     * ejabberd has been upgraded to version 0.9.1
     * J-EAI has been upgraded to version 1.0 beta 5
     * Dialyzer has been upgraded to version 1.3
     * Yaws is now included in version 1.55
     * Tsunami benchmark tool has been upgraded to version 1.0.3
     * MacOSX Tiger support
     * Bluetail Ticket Tracker has been added
     * Jabberlang 0.1 has been added

This version includes the latest J-EAI version (1.0 beta 5), as well as 
the Tkabber XMPP client, to use with ejabberd and J-EAI.

Various Erlang libraries are also included in the REPOS environment and 
can be directly use in software development.

Next steps are now to make the platform even more usefull. For that we 
will need more contributors:
- To write more repos:check/1 unit tests.
- To add new features. I am for example thinking about embedding a 
complete configuration for Emacs (With Erlang mode, Distel and esense). 
I am also planning to add install script, that will only install parts 
relevant to the local architecture, and change every file to read/write 
- To improve documentation and testing.

Please let us know if you are interested. Do not hesitate to report 
problems or success using the Erlang REPOS environment.




Mickaël Rémond

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