Directory structure for non-OTP projects

Sean Hinde <>
Sat Jul 30 11:13:57 CEST 2005


> Can someone who uses the test_server please describe how they have  
> their
> development environment set up on their workstation? Where have you
> installed erlang? Where do you put your own code in relation to that?
> What do you do each time you change your code during development? This
> seems like it ought to be a simple problem but I don't get it and it's
> frustrating that I haven't written a single line of Erlang yet.

I think the answer must be that no-one uses the test server in the  
way you describe. Most people I have seen writing Erlang code have an  
interactive shell open and use this to compile or load changed  
modules. Testing of modules is done directly in the shell, perhaps by  
calling test routines in the same or another dedicated module.

The test server is a heavyweight system typically used for testing  
nightly builds.

The typical "compile whole statically linked system" and then run the  
unit tests routine is not necessary with hot code loading and an  
interactive shell.

Having said that, I think it would be quite interesting to see how a  
lightweight unit test framework would look for Erlang. It should be  
easy enough for someone well versed in the whole junit thing to put  
one together. If the test specs looked something like the ones used  
to drive the test server then even better.


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