Directory structure for non-OTP projects

Tim Bates <>
Thu Jul 28 13:08:29 CEST 2005

Chandrashekhar Mullaparthi wrote:
> We have our own homegrown build tool which exports apps from CVS, does
> some tag checks, builds the beam files and then the boot scripts. It is
> not ideal but it kind of does the job. You might want to look at the
> builder app in jungerl. I was a beta tester for it and it is quite good.
> The only reason we never adopted it for our work is inertia.

Thanks Chandru, builder looks promising but I'm having difficulty
working out how to use it.

I'm currently trying to roll my own primitive development environment,
and I'm having difficulties with the OTP test_server. OTP seems to start
a new Erlang node to run the tests in, and the new node doesn't inherit
the environment of the old one (specifically, the -pz option I specified
on the command line). I've also had to modify the test_server code to
look in the right places for my test suites (Spec/test rather than
Spec_test) because the test_server as shipped doesn't seem to be
compatible with the sample test suites it ships with.

I want to keep my system install of Erlang separate from my development
environment, but maybe I'm approaching things the wrong way. Do people
normally have a separate install of Erlang for each project, with only
the modules they need? Do people normally go through some variant of the
 release process described in the OTP Design Principles every time they
change a line of code? These seem a bit heavyweight, but I can't see how
else to do it. Can someone enlighten me?


Tim Bates

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