CPU/Hardware optimized for Erlang

Marc van Woerkom <>
Tue Jul 26 08:42:25 CEST 2005

>It is quite enough of a handicap for Transmeta to carve 
>a niche.  The Pentiums do run-time compilation of IA32 
>to a sort of RISC with the compilation done in hardware a 
>little at
>a time; the Transmeta machines did run-time compilation 
>in software
>in great big gulps and were able to achieve near-Pentium 
>speed at a
>MUCH lower cost in electrical power.

I contacted a german distributor for Transmeta
dev kits, but he said that Transmeta stopped 
development and support was no longer available. :-(

It was exactly that Code Morphing System (CMS)
which, if changeable by developers, would have
made the design of custom instruction possible.

Anyone knows what is left of Transmeta?
Are they still in Business?


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