CPU/Hardware optimized for Erlang

yvan sur free <>
Tue Jul 26 08:48:41 CEST 2005

Le mardi 26 Juillet 2005 00:57, Richard A. O'Keefe a écrit :
> Mickael Remond <> wrote:
> 	On this topic, I have read a rumour that Intel would like to
> 	introduce Java VM optimisation to accelerate execution in future
> 	Pentium version
> Hmm.  Intel already *have* a machine that does that, the ARM.
> There are versions of the ARM with direct-in-hardware JVM support.

Hum are you sure  ? 
I usually read about embed board for robotic and never see direct hardware JVM 
support. Most of the time there is an JVM code on external flash memory on an 
ARM  based board. 
Do you have any link please ?


NB: for CPU/Hardware optimized for Erlang why not. Probably it's time to get a 
breaking technologie. I am far to be skilled enougth but I had a dream on an 
hyper cube  processor ;-) http://yvan.godin.free.fr/wordpress/index.php?p=11 

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